Most of you might not really know Polo. Maybe some of you have seen the movie „Pretty Woman“ or have been in Kitzbuehel at the snow Polo event. Therefore they think that it’s all about nice dresses and hats 🙂 Well it can be at some tournaments, but I really love all about the sports part. So this is for everyone who would just like to know a little bit more about the fantastic experience that is behind all the show.

The Polo basics

First of all, it is a team sport, where four players build a team. But it’s not like you have to play with these people the whole season. You can choose a new team for every tournament. Therefore you can decide individually what you want to do and where you want to play but in the end, there is still this team spirit. Of course, you have an advantage if you know your team members and their way of playing.

The next essential point is the horses. You don’t need 10 or more to play normal polo. For beginners, it’s ok to start with just one or two. But if you want to become better and play more often you would need more. For me, it was important that I can feel the connection between me and the horse. You can tell if they really like playing polo or they are just doing it because you make them. But you are just as good as your horse.

 Why it is such a special experience

I have been into things that are fast and let you feel the adrenalin for all my life. I’m not that kind of girl dancing ballet. I’ve played tennis, handball, and even soccer for a while. But Polo exceeds every other experience I’ve had. The chance to train individually but still be able to play in a team. The relationship you build with your horse, it’s not just an object you need to play Polo. They are animals with reactions and so grateful and majestic. The speed of the game and the challenge to hit the small ball.

It’s one of the only sports where you can play together, old and young, women and men. And, one of the best points is you are outside. Due to the fact that polo fields are twice as long as football fields, you need a lot of space to build one. Hence, most of the fields aren’t in the city center so you drive outside the city, away from all your stress or thoughts about work. You can clear your head, enjoy the fresh air, more like a short vacation :). You come back in the evening relaxed and happy.

So for everyone who got bored with all these normal things you can do, maybe it would be nice to try something new. Just look up Polo clubs near you and maybe visit them at some point to see the real deal and not just the fancy tournaments. It’s definitely worth it!

Kisses Laurie 


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