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today I have something very nice to show you! Especially for those who like getting tanned in summer (so basically everyone). It will help you to reduce the stress on your skin and also to get a nicer skin color faster. But first things first…

What are Nutricosmetics?

Generally, it’s eatable cosmetic with essential and high concentrated nutrients. Compared with a cream or any other product it can supply your body the whole day, whereas creams only work for several hours. They are super easy to implement in your daily routine, for me it was the best way to take them directly in the morning after brushing my teeth because I’m very forgetful with things like these and therefore I saw the pills and got reminded. So I just had a small glass next to my sink and took them together with other nutrients I usually take like Omega 3.
In conclusion – Nutricosmetics are designed to help your cells with regeneration and to avoid stress, so the way of taking them makes it easy for your body to use it the right way.

Sun Vital

As most of you might know, it’s pretty hard for our skin to protect against the sun and it has some ugly side effects like wrinkles or it makes the process of aging faster. So beauty2eat is a brand new company from Munich producing all kinds of Nutricosmetics. Sun Vital can help your skin to protect itself better and gives you a nice tone.

For me, this was very important because I was back in the sun for the first time after winter. I’m usually a person who gets tanned pretty fast but it doesn’t last long so I get white as a ghost 👻. With Sun Vital I didn’t get sunburned and after a few days, my skin already had a smooth brown color. I really enjoy being in the sun but I don’t want to look wrinkly and used in a few years, so I’m very careful with the products I choose, but I can recommend beauty2eat with a quiet conscience!

I started to take 2 pills 15 days before I took off to Argentina. Sun Vital is such a simple way to support your skin also from the inside. I still used sunscreen to get full protection, but it helped me a lot anyway. You have 100 pills in one box so it will last for approx. three vacations a year.

We only have one skin so let’s make sure we take as much care of it as it needs.

Kisses Laurie


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