Give a woman the right lipstick and she can conquer the world.

Cream lipstickIt has been a while since I’ve posted the last time, but I was so busy the last weeks that it was almost impossible to create a new Blog post. I’ve had my final written exams at university, so I had to study a lot  🙈, but now I’m hopefully done with that – fingers crossed- so I thought it would be fun to tell you some more about my new lipstick.

If I’m honest… I’m not such a lipstick fan, for me, it’s always annoying when you go somewhere, and then you have to put on your lipstick again because you drink something or eat or anything that includes your lips, even talking. I always forget about it and then I look like the Joker from Batman. Or I get it all over my clothes since I’m not careful enough. So I really need something that sticks to my lips for more than half an hour aaaand my solution is matt lipstick.  Today I have the three new babies by Horst Kirchberger.

Cream Lipstick

 There are three different colors you can get. I would say each one for a different time of the day, but that depends on how strong you like your lipstick during the day. The Cream Lipsticks are quite similar to lip glosses, the shape of the applicator and the way you apply it to your lips. Therefore it’s easy and precise. It includes regenerating and restructuring ingredients and is really smooth.

Step 1lip primer

For starters, I used the lip primer. It is a toned base to enchant hold and color intensity. Besides that, it reduces lip wrinkles,  provides moisture and nourishes the lips. As you can see in the photos, my lips are a bit dry and strained due to the salt water and the sun.(side effects of beautiful summer). So it really helps to make it look less used.

Step 2 

After that, I drew my lip lines. If you’d like to make your lips look fuller, you should trace the white line around your lips, which is your natural lip line.
Sometimes, to spice things up, I use a slightly darker color for my contour than I use for the lipstick.



Step 3

Now I apply the Cream Lipstick. I always start with my lower lip after that the upper lip. You don’t need to put your lips together; just let it dry, and after a few seconds, it looks exactly how it should look.


In the end, I can say I’m really impressed by this product. It held during all day, and it still didn’t feel dry or sticky.  The colors of the cream lipsticks are pure and give your makeup a glamorous touch. It was funny because when I was at the Horst Kirchberger event Horst looked at me and asked me how old I am… and he was surprised when I told him my age because everyone thinks I’m still 18. So he took the darkest shade of the cream lipstick and put it on. His words were: „There you go, no one will ask you for your ID with this lipstick.“ And he was right 😀 

So if you are planning to treat yourself and get some new lipsticks, you should definitely try these ❤️💄



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