Hey loves, I have a super cool new product for all of you who’d like to get rid of that annoying cellulite and get a firm belly for the perfect bikini body! The new products of Méthode Jeanne Piaubert are so easy to use and have an excellent outcome. Additionally, to that Parfünmerie Brückner is offering a special package with some pretty nice gifts. But first of all, who is Piaubert.

Méthode Jeanne Piaubert

She was a remarkable woman in the 20th century. As a chemist, she revealed the possibilities of electrotherapy and developed visionary chances for aesthetic body treatments. Based on her knowledge Jeanne Piaubert established products for a smoother and firmer skin. Method and brand combined remain loyal to their fundamental plan to be innovative, honorable intentions, high quality, and effectiveness.

Méthode Jeanne Piaubert


The specialist against persistent „orange peel“ and fat depositions. I’m pretty sure many of you know that problem. It doesn’t matter if you’re young or old, what size you are wearing, either it is there or you are the luckiest person. If you’re not doing sports every day and actually pay attention to what you eat, it is natural to have it. I love food too much, and I’m not doing enough sports to tell you my legs aren’t showing signs of cellulite.

So here was my way of not changing my lifestyle completely and still doing something against this annoying problem. I used the cream for my tights, my waist, and my hips. You have to be consistent for the product to show it’s full effect, but it’s only for 15 days 😉 so I would say it is possible to do. And an absolute blessing is the smell! It’s fresh and light but still intense and beautiful I would like to use it for my whole body.

Belly lift

We all know it… but who really likes sit-ups? I would say no one, well at least it’s not me. Belly lift is not just a slimming cream, with the ingredient Actigym™ it has a similar effect like a workout, but without all the sweat. It boosts the energy metabolism. Therefore, fat is burned instead of being stored in cells. Which is excellent for our body 😉 Combined with caffeine it is even more efficient and also prevents the aggregation of fat. You can use it either in the mornings or at night, if you’d like it to work even better you can use it both times. Apply it on your belly and your waist with rotary movements. They recommend to wash your hands after use, I don’t know what happens if you don’t do it, but just do it 😀

Belly lift

mymuesliSpecial offer

Woooohooo ladies and this is a little extra for you to support the change. When you are buying one of the products over Parfümerie Brückner, you will not only receive your cream, but you will also get 40% protein cereals from mymuesli. A super yummy press-bar detox juice with for example grapefruit, apple, raspberry and beetroot. Detox tea from beauty2eat (you might know the brand from my previous post). And last but not least for everyone around Munich a voucher for one session at Leo’s sports club.

Just head over to their website and order your „ready-for-summer“ package online or give them a call. (Unfortunately, Parfümerie Brückner can only send within Europe. But for everyone else, I hope you still liked the post and the information it gave you.)

Give me some feedback on your experience, did you ever try creams like that before?

Kisses Laurie


press bar detox

Leo's sports club



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