Today I would like to show you my preferred spring piece. The bell sleeve blouse. The first time I was wearing it, I was a little bit confused with the sleeves all over the place, and I wasn’t sure if I’m going to wear it. But in the end, I fell in love with it! They are so cozy but still look classy. Therefore bell sleeve blouses are the perfect mix between a blouse you would wear to the office and the one you wear on vacations. Airy, elegant but not conventional. I already bought multiple pieces with the same style in various colors so I can combine them with different pants or maybe skirts. I will upload some new pictures as soon as my order arrives on Instagram. For now, you can see my favorites linked below.

Bell sleeve blouse

Fashion is all about trying something new; So because I already tried the bell sleeve blouse, you’d say that was enough ’new‘ for a day. But I was experimental and even took out my boyfriend jeans. I was stuck with leggings and skinny jeans for a long time. So I was ready for a change, even though it was hard to convince myself that this kind of jeans would suit me. Maybe some of you know the feeling when you were wearing skinny pants most of the time, it just feels weird to have something that’s not wrapped around your legs like a second skin. The first time I was looking in a mirror, I was thinking:“Is that really me? Do I look chubby? Where is my bum?“ so I just threw it back in my closet.

It took me nearly a year to try it again, but I told myself just give it a chance, now that your trying the new blouse you can do this too. And surprise surprise… after an hour of wearing it I didn’t even think about it anymore. To come out of your comfort zone and overcome habits isn’t easy all the time but sometimes it’s worth the risk. I absolutely love these kinds of jeans now. They are so comfortable, and for spring you can combine it with nearly everything. I chose the blouse and a white blazer. To give the whole look a fancy touch I had studded heels, similar to the Valentino Rockstuds and the Chanel boy bag. If you like it a little bit more casual, I would recommend espadrilles and a regular shirt. Next time I will try the boyfriend jeans with a close-fitting shirt and flat shoes. I think the casual look will be even more comfortable.


Boyfriend jeans & white blazer


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